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Cannabis Cooking Classes

Seattle & Online

Hi! I’m Mary

What I aim to do in all of my classes is show you how wonderful, sensual, and life-affirming really good food can be.


Cooking with Cannabis Classes

~ Cooking with Cannabis

An introduction to the multiple healing properties of cannabis. We learn all about the plant, how to make infused butter and oil, whip up a couple of infused dishes, and laugh a lot! [Schedule]

Cannabis Tinctures Class

~ Tinctures & Gummies

Focuses on the benefits of cannabis tinctures and gummies.

We learn about heat and cold extraction, how to use tinctures, the effects on humans and animals, and so much more. [Request]

Lotions & Balms Class

~ Lotions & Balms

Cannabis infused lotions and balms are incredible for pain relief. In this hands-on class we learn how to make infused topicals which many find effective for arthritis, skin health, and more. [Request]

Kitchen Survival Class - the pantry

~ Kitchen Survival

This is the class that started it all.

I teach you how to stock your pantry and how to raid it. You develop your own recipes and have a ton of fun in the process. [Request]

What to Expect

  • Most classes are held at 11:00 am and/or 4:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays
  • Each class is two hours long
  • Contact me for additional times or private classes & dinners
  • All Ingredients and equipment are provided
  • You will go home full and happy, with lots of treats
  • Due to WA state law we use Cannabis Ruderalis (hemp) in class, which is high in CBD, low in THC, and has no psychoactive effects
  • If you have any other questions, just contact me

Let’s Cook Together!

Special Requests

Have a Special Request?

Schedule, private class, dinner or…

Tincture Class

Classes almost any time; if you don’t see a time you like on the calendar, just contact me to arrange it.


Class Lineup

Cooking with Cannabis
Tinctures & Gummies
Lotions & Balms
Kitchen Survival


Happy Clients!

It was like cooking with Alton Brown...

“Mary’s instruction was fun and informational. She has a gorgeous home that serves as her instructional area along with many recipe options. I definitely intend to explore more of Mary’s offerings!”

I’ll be back!

“This was the second class of Mary’s that I have taken…and as always I walked away having great memories of a fantastic time as well as learning some great cooking skills!! 3 the thumbs up!”


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